The WHO reminder

if I have 48 hours a day

Thesis: I would build an app that would instantly remind me of a person who is waving at me or shaking my hand telling me that we have been in touch before. Why such idea? Because I am bad with faces and names, and generally not very good in replying messages and emails quickly!

Target users: Anyone who thinks they need to look less dumb when that person starts to tell you how you met, bla bla bla and yet you can only go with pretending you remember.

Business model: How it works? Scan the person’s face with your phone camera (obviously you will need a bit of skill to make sure the person doesn’t know you are “scanning” him or her – time to be a real spy!) so that your camera can immediately pull information from social medias and public sources to identify the person and then get that linked back to your mailbox, contact list, text messages and call history. Once you have built enough data on the individual, the app will then provide you suggested actions or tips for your conversation with the counterpart. The app should also be rating or categorizing the individual to allow you to decide on how much time you want to spend with this person.

Housekeeping: This idea may not be realistically practical and is thought through based on personal assumptions. Also, it may have been executed or currently running by someone else.

Done with my ranting. Til next time.


One thought on “The WHO reminder

  1. That happens to me a lot! 🙂 That is why I wear my Aptoide t-shirt all the time, i.e. to make life easier to others. They see me and say “hey, you’re the Aptoide guy!” and I know in that moment that they don’t know my name but at least they remember about Aptoide. 🙂


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