Tinder for Investing

If I have 48 hours a day…

Thesis: I would build a platform that enables anyone on the street to access the market knowledge of the professional financial advisors through real time engagement with the professionals.

Target users: Anyone who wants to be a filthy rich billionaire (‘coz millionaire is too mainstream)! Not exactly, but actually anyone who cares where their money goes to and how they can create more value from it.

Business model: How it works? Financial advisors from different institutions can setup their personal (professional) profiles on the platform, which will then be browsed through by someone who are looking for the services of such advisors. Users can also create their own profiles, mentioning their financial objectives and risk appetite. With this, both users and financial advisors will have a better idea of each other and hence make the investing/financial planning process much smoother. This instills some sense of healthy transparency among the financial advisors as well as can indirectly boost the investment/financial planning knowledge of the users who are keen to learn more about what they can do with their money!

Housekeeping: This idea may not be realistically practical and is thought through based on personal assumptions. Also, it may have been executed or currently running by someone else.

Done with my ranting. Til next time.


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