Time lender

Welcome to a new section of my ranting space. This is where I will put down any weird, random, silly ideas that I have if I were to have time to start a new venture. Do note that some (maybe most) of these ideas are not realistically practical and based on certain assumptions. Also, some, if not all, of these ideas may have been executed or currently running by someone else.

If I have 48 hours a day…

Thesis: I would start a platform that helps solving the problem of people not having enough time to do some minor chores. For example if I don’t have the time to mow the lawn, I would need someone to help me do it for me.

Target users: People who do not have enough time and people who have extra (or too much) time. We can rope in merchants (see below for elaboration).

Business model: The idea is to create a outsourcing platform where users can list the tasks needed to be done. On the other hand, those who have the extra time (let’s call them the freetimers) can pitch to get the tasks done for some “time credit”. With these time credits, users can use them to claim certain benefits from merchants. Freetimers could be freelancers, your neighbours, your friends, or a friendly stranger. To handle the security issues, all freetimers will have their profile being verified.

Done with my ranting. Til next time.



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