How do you start starting

Let’s see. How do we even begin?” That is precisely question. How do we start starting? A lot of people repeat that question when they are exploring options to jump out of their comfort zone. In the context that I am talking about, comfort zone refers to the steady job that comes with periodical paycheck.

I personally believe that starting a startup is a tedious, painful, tiring, stressful process. It requires you to not be in your comfort zone and throw (almost) everything away and taking the risk of losing everything. This is in synched with what Paul Graham (“PG”) from Y Combinator mentioned in one of his earlier posts in 2005 (Source: that, “There is no magically difficult step that requires brilliance to solve“.

There is no secret recipe to how you can start something afresh and take ownership of it. But here is the thing, you take ownership, that is the biggest reward that you could probably achieve, even when things fail. You are holding your fate in your hands where no one else have the right to do so. This is precisely why it is hard to start starting. This is also what makes “starting” such an interesting process that some people would just love to keep starting something and then hop on to another new beginning just to experience the thrill of adventure all over again. Of course, one could argue that this is not realistic because you would need monetary or financial incentives to be able to survive these kind of jobs. That is why you need to have an idea that serves a larger purpose and a team who can do it with you. Also in the same post that PG had written, the first two points he highlighted was the idea and the people.

So how do we begin? My simple recipe (like I said, no secret recipe. But you could always attempt to find a formula that works for you):

  1. 1 kg of motivation and incentives (such as privilege to take ownership, the tedious workout, the adventure etc)
  2. An idea that solves problems (either problems of a lot of people, or a very important problem)
  3. Find your soul mates who you can brainwash or already in synched with you from the beginning.

P/S: Just my two cents and does not represent any opinion of general public of interests unless they agree to my points!


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