San Francisco

San Francisco

The bridge

Building your castle requires pieces from every part of the world. Essentially, being physically in San Francisco to take in some of the “startup oxygen” becomes a process that most people in the venture industry or someone who wants to be a founder would love to do.

A couple of observations that you would be able to see (depending on how much special oxygen you are breathing in, you know I am just kidding):

1. San Francisco is what it is today because of the startup community as well as the venture capital activities
2. People are talking about entrepreneurship everywhere – be it an advertisement by the lamp post, or on the television where I do feel the programs are less interesting as compared to what we get on the blockbusters.

Anyway, the key message for my first post is that venture capital unlocks entrepreneurship, and with that entrepreneurship can unlock wealth and progress.

Til next time.


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